By: + Father Andrew Mahalares


St. John Chrysostom said once,  “Thomas doubted that we might have Faith.”   The Apostle John defines Faith as believing “that Jesus is the Son of God and that believing you might have life in His name.”  That kind of Faith often comes through the crucible of honest doubt.
“Unless I touch with my finger the print of the nails… I will not believe.”  That is what Thomas said before he saw Jesus.  But he did not have to touch Jesus when He appeared.  Instead he himself was touched by the Risen Christ!  What Christ is looking for is Faith.  
Throughout history people of Faith have been touched by the risen  and living Christ.  Touched with forgiveness. Touched with power.  Touched with love. Touched with hope.  They did not need any more proof.  You can see it in their lives, as you can see it in Thomas.  Touched by Jesus he confessed: “My Lord and my God!”  That changed everything in his life.  It can do the same for you!
Peace be with you.